Thank you Adriana!

The Happy Mail Project . From lovely Adriana

I was delighted to receive a lovely handmade envelope in the mail a few day ago. 
The first snail mail from lovely Adriana.
She has the most beautiful handwriting and I really enjoyed reading her letter and knowing more about her. 
Thank you Adriana! It was a pleasure to know you and I absolutely enjoyed all the precious handmade lovelies... the gorgeous pebble, dreamy tea, your postcard, photo of your cat, the lovely baggy and sweet textile bookmark! And I LOVED the way you created your envelope by sewing the edges! 

Big hugs from cold Toronto and Happy Valentine's Day!

PS. Loved your botanical stamps too!


2 comentarios:

  1. I'm so glad it arrived and you liked it! I'm so sorry for posting it sooo late... but it was a pleasure writing you :)

  2. So lovely!!!i loved too the sewed envelope! how creative: )