A letter from JooJoo to Julie

Last week I received this wonderful letter from Afsaneh. I didn't have my camera with me to photograph it when it was still closed, but I just couldn't wait another two days to open it! I'm so glad I joined this project, I love receiving lovely mail like this. Thank you Afsaneh! (And by the way, you have the cutest handwriting ever.)

4 comentarios:

  1. how lovely!!
    I love her illustrations!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing it Julie! : D

  2. Oh, what a wonderful mail!! :) What kind of leafs are those by the way?!

  3. Great mail!!! Everything is so beautiful!!!)

  4. Thank you ladies! xo

    Dear Julie, I'm happy that you liked my mail! :o)

    Dear Yoojin, unfortunately I don't know their name. They are wild flower leaves that grow here (Toronto) during summer.