Envelopes (Julie)

Here's a little overview of some of the envelopes I sent this year, I forgot to take a picture of the other ones, but I hope they all found their way home!


Letter from Lily Moon

I got this beautiful letter from Lily Moon, a handfull of beautiful drawings, from birds to foxes, deers and flowers. I loved every little piece of it, thank you so much Lily!

A notebook, paper cutouts, tags and a badge...

Beautiful postcards...

And, of course, a letter :)

 ::: Adriana (Mundo Flo)


Happy Mail from Ishtar To Adriana ♥

Today I want to share my latest letter from The Happy Mail Project!
This time it flew all the way to Portugal to Adriana´s House : )

 Because Adriana likes so much nature, I chose the color green as main color palette and theme : )

And bits of plants and animals drawn or stamped or punched to go inside : )

You can see more pictures and read more about it here : )
Happy mailing!


Letter from Céline to Adriana

This is the letter I received on April, from Bohème Circus.

Along with a nice letter written by Céline, wrapped in a beautiful coral hand drawn envelope, there was a spring collection of greens, in form of papers...

... washi tape, embroidery thread and a stencil...

Merci beaucoup!

Adriana (Mundo Flo)


From Merissa to Céline

Hello everybody, today I share with you the snail mail I received in April. A selection of papers from Merissa. Thank you for these cute japanese papers. They are like a song of spring !

I hope that your letter boxes are also surprised by all sorts of small treasures,
I wish you lovely creative envelopes !
:: ::::


Letter from María to Adriana

In March I received a super cute (and perfumed) letter from María Arévalo, aka Milanesa. When I opened it, along with a nice letter, there were several small envelopes, all different and drawn by hand, full of beautiful paper goods illustrated by her: postcards, a notebook, paper tags, stickers and stamps. I loved every single detail and all the care she put into this letter, and the way it brightened my day. Muchas gracias María :)


My Happy Mail from Erika of Miko Design

Aloha everyone! It's Merissa at the blog Merissa-Cherie. I wanted to share with you a few photos of the lovely mail I received from Erika. Thank you so much Erika!! I enjoyed it so!!

More photos at my blog post {HERE}.

Mail from Erika H of Miko Design NL.

Mail from Erika of Miko Design.