Letter from Anna to Adriana

 In February, I received a letter from Anna Fatovich, aka Lila Ruby King, from Greece.
A lovely package made from maps, with nice words and a cute bird drawn on the envelope!

Inside, there was a set of postcards with her amazing illustrations about Greece (I love the one with pots), and a collection of things that inspire her: photos, paper and fabric with beautiful patterns, a drawing and a cotton ribbon with birds, little pebbles and a magnet.

 They surely inspired me, thank you so much Anna!


February Snail Mail from Ishtar to Milanesa

Hello! I´m Ishtar and this is my February letter for Milanesa

 A letter, a postcard, a little book, neon stars...

and cute stickers from Marc Boutavant used to decorate the envelope : )
Mre on my blog ^_ ^


Thank you Adriana!

The Happy Mail Project . From lovely Adriana

I was delighted to receive a lovely handmade envelope in the mail a few day ago. 
The first snail mail from lovely Adriana.
She has the most beautiful handwriting and I really enjoyed reading her letter and knowing more about her. 
Thank you Adriana! It was a pleasure to know you and I absolutely enjoyed all the precious handmade lovelies... the gorgeous pebble, dreamy tea, your postcard, photo of your cat, the lovely baggy and sweet textile bookmark! And I LOVED the way you created your envelope by sewing the edges! 

Big hugs from cold Toronto and Happy Valentine's Day!

PS. Loved your botanical stamps too!



From Merissa to Lily ♥

You´ll LOVE the letter Merissa sent to Lily Moon
I personally love everyhitng about it! The colors, the butterfly, Merissa´s handwriting..♥

Read more about it here


Lila Ruby King > Lililabeth

Hello happy-mail-lovers, I'm Lisa from Lililabeth and is the letter I received in January. It was written by Anna from Lila Ruby King and it is a real pleasure for the eye! Have a look on my letter-blog if you would like to see more of this beautiful package.

Thank you for the pretty letter, Anna... I'm looking forward to sending and receiving more creative letters!


A letter from Lisa Kinoo

The first letter I received was from Lisa Kinoo, from Belgium. A lovely package full of notes from nature and other treasures, illustrations, stickers and a cute notebook, a heart and a delicous tea for my working afternoons (though she calls it morning tea :) 
I'm so glad I'm taking part of this project! It has been such a source of inspiration, and thanks to it I found Lisa's blog, and it's beautiful!

A letter from JooJoo to Julie

Last week I received this wonderful letter from Afsaneh. I didn't have my camera with me to photograph it when it was still closed, but I just couldn't wait another two days to open it! I'm so glad I joined this project, I love receiving lovely mail like this. Thank you Afsaneh! (And by the way, you have the cutest handwriting ever.)


Art by Merissa

Merissa created this beautiful composition for THMP which we LOVE!
The hadwritting that you see, its hers!
One of themost beautiful I´ve had the pleasure to read : )